Mark & Nicki

Our Story

As brother and sister, we have both enjoyed over 20 years of experienced party planning and service industry jobs in the Cleveland/Lakewood area of Ohio. Always striving to take things to the next level and do what we do best.

Over the years, we have rented many party buses and planned events on our own, with friends, family and newly made acquaintances. Mixing business with pleasure is what we do best and finding our own way to our next adventure.

A while back we discovered that we could put our knowledge, desire and a lot of hard work to use and decided to buy our Bender Bus. Embracing all that the name says and that’s what we do!

We promise to take you safely to your destinations and make sure you are accommodated with all your needs. Just ask…

With all of Mark’s expertise in mechanics, auto body, welding, design, driving, boating… he is THE MAN! Our friends have helped us in all our hard work, staying up countless hours, doing all the interior work by hand. And we thank you!

We plan on expanding soon with more transportation buses for all your event needs.

Hopefully you will choose us in your next adventure… whatever it may be, we will strive to make it excellent!


Meet the Team

Mark Mason

Founder & CEO


Nicki Mason

Vice President